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    Fromthe best prime products

    Acorn feed iberico ham, hand sliced – tapa 9,50€ / portion 18€

    Organic artisan cheeses (5 varieties) – full cheese board 14,50€

    Smallportions “Tapas"

    Fresh oyster in lemon and lime dressing with caviar – 5,50€

    Marinated wild salmon with light potato salad, petals and citrus – 4,75€

    Santoña anchovies, onion moisted bread, and almond nougat – 3,75€

     Viva – bravas and sliced duck cooked on wok – 4,50€

    Mediterranean mussels cooked on cocoa milk sauce and fresh coriander – 4,75€

    Zucchini ower, with maitake musroom, and bittersweet syrup – 5€

    Melted creamy manchego, rosemary honey and black olive bread – 4,50€

    Crispy rice wrapped cured ham croquette – 3,75€

    Halfportions to share

    Wild asparagus, sun ower seeds, avocado and cheese cloud – 7,50€

    Mushroom and violet potatoes salad dressed with truf e vinaigrette and foie micuit – 8,50€

    Beetroot, blackberries and fresh baby leaves in their juice – 7,50€

    Fresh red king prawn cooked on wok, mandarin ponzu sauce and Sichuan pepper – 8,50€

    Red sea scorpion sh cooked with tomato sauce and crispy banana – 10€

    Roasted octopus with mild red tomato, garlic and cumin sauce – 12,50€

    Grilled beach squid in black ink sauce and olive oil – 10,50€

    Oven roasted aromatic hake avored hot chili sauce and yellow pepper cream – 10,50€

    100% iberico pork skirt steak roasted with black garlic, ham, and its crispy skin – 11€

    Roasted matured beef llet steak and mustard sauce – 14€

    Baby lamb “moruno” style, slowly charcoal grilled with sweetbreads, couscous and mint – 11,75€

    Suckling beef cheeks 24h slow cooked, soft Mexican mole, and idli creppe – 10,50€


    Fresh pineapple with mint, meringue and ice cream – 6€

    Chocolate and brandy iced-mousse with pistachio ice-cream – 6€

    Our style of whisky pie with tea and blueberries sauce – 6€

    Brioche toasted crumbs “Torrija” with creme caramel and apple ice-cream – 6€

    Wild red berries smoothie with smoked goat cheese ice cream and white chocolate – 6€