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    An experience you should not miss..

    I cook with passion, professionalism and taste. I don’t rest or settle, always try to get better in anything I try, helping others and preserve the excellence in my work

    José Luis Mascaraque


    Jose Luis Mascaraque
    He was born in Herencia (Ciudad Real) and studied in the Escuela de Hostelería de Madrid , he expanded his knowledge and career in high end restaurants.

    The way our chef-coach José Luis García Mascaraque talks about himself is like he really is. He is generous, loves new sensations and feelings, and knowledgeable in his own field… He was the Head Chef at the Hotel Ritz in Madrid and also at the Spanish restaurant at Harrods in Londres.


    Profesor y alumnos
    José Luis Mascaraque decided not only to cook but to teach, he became an expert in the teach the teacher and coaching and from 2004 he was a tutor with more than 7000 hour of teaching at the Centros de Turismo de la Comunitat Valenciana (CdT), and more than 3000 hours with workshops and masterclasses in many private schools and restaurants.

    In his coach side, he have more than 10000 hours of training and thecnical assistance in many other national hotels and restaurants. He won the trophy of Concurso de Concina de la comunidad de Madrid and has published a book “Ideas, Tecnicas y reflexiones en la cocina”

    José Luis García Mascaraque is a complete professional, cook expert and a luxury for Valencia, it is of great pride to have him in front of our kitchen team.

    It’s a great luck- and an honour- to be part of his team.